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When purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, customers almost always inquire about warranty – you want to protect your investment!  And although every effort is made on our part to ensure the vehicle being purchased is… well, perfect… stuff happens.

Some of our later model vehicles have a balance of Factory Warranty in effect.  But in circumstances where all Factory Warranty has expired or is soon to expire, we are happy to offer our customers peace of mind through Lubrico Warranty.

Lubrico has been serving Canadian car buyers and dealers since 1977 and offers a wide range of warranty terms and products.  Whether you drive a lot or a little, Lubrico has an Extended Warranty Program to meet your driving needs.

“Driving Peace of Mind” … it just made buying a pre-owned vehicle from Y Buy Nu an even better decision!

If you’d like to review some Warranty options before visiting our car lot, please visit their web-site.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of third party warranty will be added to the Purchase Price of the vehicle.



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